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Dermatologia Estetyczna Warszawa Zjęcie
PhD in Medical Science

Ewa Skulska

dermatologist - venerologist

She is a member of Polish Dermatological Society and Society of Aesthetic Dermatology Doctors. Specialization in dermatology and venerology as well as doctoral degree in medical sciences she recieved in Dermatology and Venerology Departament os Warsaws Medical University.  

She is hired in Warsaws Medical University, Infant Jesus Hospital. She conducts a medical practice for many years and in 2012 she started her new medical project „Ekoderm Medical and Aesthetic Dermatology practice”.

She specialises in aesthetic dermatology, laser therapy and medical dermatology. She is a supporter of presarvation of a natural beauty. She prefers revitalisation of skin and laser therapy.  

Dermatologia Estetyczna Warszawa Liść


Dermatologia Estetyczna Warszawa Strzałka
Dermatologia Estetyczna Warszawa Strzałka

Ekoderm offers

  • laser wrinkle reduction

  • photorejuvenation

  • elimination of discoloration (Cosmelan)

  • elimination of wrinkles (Restylane, Juvederm, Botox)

  • non-surgical facelift

  • modeling of facial contours

  • skin revitalization (peelings, mesotherapy, Regeneris)

  • dermatoscopy constituent

  • treatment of hyperhidrosis

  • treatment of alopecia

  • HPV vaccination